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HOCKEY DAD – “In This State” (Farmer & The Owl / BMG, Australia)

ROBERT GRACE – “Fake Fine” (Sony, Ireland)

VISTAS – “Everything Changes In The End” (Unsigned, Scotland)

THE HARA – “Tokyo Hit” (Sign Of The Times, UK)

SLIDE – “Hello Spirit” (If Music Could Talk, Sweden)

LUNA BAY – “Misunderstood” (Unsigned, UK)

KEIR – “Rose” (Vertigo Berlin, UK)

THE LULU RAES – “Can’t Run No More” (Verge/Sony, Australia)

DEVON – “Belong 2 U” (Universal, UK)

MATTHEW MOLE – “Keep It Together” (Universal Music, South Africa)

GIANT ROOKS – “What I Know Is All Quicksand” (AR Entertainment, Germany)

THE LOTTERY WINNERS – “Headlock” (Modern Sky, UK)

WAITING FOR SMITH – “Lines of Love” (Four One Seven Records, UK)

BLACK SATELLITE – “Void” (Unsigned, N. America)

BLU DETIGER’S - “Figure It Out” (Unsigned, N. America)

DOWN FOR TOMORROW – “Emily” (Good Intent, Australia)

FLAWED MANGOES FEATURING WILL JAY – “Fatal Flaw” (Unsigned, N. America)

TWO YEAR VACATION – “When I’m Back Alone” (If Music Could Talk, Sweden)

LARKINS – “Are We Having Any Fun Yet?” (Good Soldier Songs, UK)

NUALA – “Split Down The Middle” (Unsigned, UK)

MELLAH – “Family Fun” (Columbia Records, UK)

CARAVAN PALACE – “Moonshine” (Le Café de la Danse/Wagram/MVKA, France)

STEREOTIDE – “Someday” (Unsigned, Germany)

SEA GIRLS – “Do You Really Want To Know” (Polydor, UK)

JAMES DEACON – “Rain On Me” (Bad Future, South Africa)

TWIN STRANGER – “Crushed” (Unsigned, Wales)

AJ HANS – “On My Own” (Unsigned, UK) (Unsigned, UK)

BLANKS – “Dance Alone” (Unsigned, Holland)

INHALER – “Falling In” (Universal Music, Ireland)

JAMES HOLT – “Pendulum” (63 Steps Records, UK)

SYCCO - “Dribble” (Future Classic/Wilder Records, Australia)

DRY CLEAN ONLY - “Lonely Love” (Unsigned, N. America)

LAUREN WALLER – “Best Coast” (Ginge Binge LLC, N. America)